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Soundbrenner Core - Honest Review

Hello all you music people out there!

This is the Soundbrenner Core. It's pitched as a "Musicians smartwatch" due to it's main function of being a metronome, but also its ability to connect with your smartphone to display notifications from calls and texts, etc.

It's not a FULL smartwatch like the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear, but it has some simple apps and bluetooth connectivity. It's about as connected as a Fitbit Charge HR as an example.

The REAL power here is the musical features and how well it executes those boasts in helping YOU ( the lone musician in the family) to be better at your artsy craft.

This video, I discuss "The Good, The Bad , and the UGLY" of the Core watch from Soundbrenner, in all honesty and transparency.

Let's talk about it.

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