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Are you distracted by the Sales? - Me too, let's talk.

Hello all you music people out there!

Does your inbox look as bloated as my stomach after a visit to an all you can eat Sushi bar?

Perhaps. The price is right, that Sushi is Oh SO GOOD, and it's been a while since I was here before. Ya I know, that reasoning makes so much sense! I get it!!

You grab a plate, many Sushi (or whatever your personal fav buffet food is), and it tastes so good. You need more....

That's what plugin sale season is like. many upgrades available, many new features come out making it such a smart deal to get the upgrade. You haven't bought any plugins or software for a while, and the time is right! LOL

This video talks about focusing on what we may NEED versus what we WANT. Is it a reality that maybe we don't need any of the sales we have flooding our inbox, maybe we should Use the Tools we already have.

Let's talk about it.

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Stay Safe out there!




If you know of anyone who plays an instrument and/or writes songs, tell them to contact me by email and I'll record their song for free.

Yup, FOR FREE. Limited to one song per artist/band (with booking of at least 2 songs - for new clients only). Sound pretty good? It helps us both. :)

Head over here to Dark Roast Recording and click the "Contact" button to email me.

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