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My Wife's Honest Opinion of... Singdaptive.

My Wife got a chance to take Singdaptive Vocal Lessons, and this is her honest opinion on her experience using it thus far.

Small spoiler alert - she enjoyed the fact that they are not scheduled, meaning they are asynchronous and can happen at any time of the day. For her, as she will explain, this is a BIG plus for a busy family. Watch the video above to get the full review interview.

There are many other positives, and some negatives. Also, the experience will vary for each person as shown in the differences between my review Here, and my wife's review today.

Because we all have differences in voices, backgrounds, and needs, Singdaptive has several different coaches available to take those challenges on as a team in helping you reach your singing goals.

Singdaptive is Free to try by going to their website, the link is below.


Thanks for watching/reading and take care!


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