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Arturia Minilab Mk3: The Ultimate Midi Controller For Beginners?


If you're like me, you don't have a whole lot of time to spend figuring out every detail or function of new gear.

I get it, I just want to plug it in and start using it without needing a manual.

This video is simply a demo and play through of the Arturia MiniLab MK3midi keyboard controller.

I am doing this through the eyes of a regular singer/songwriter in a home studio without any advanced knowledge of midi keyboards.

Why? cause I'm just not that smart.....

I open it up, connect it, try out the included software and run it inside Logic Pro X on a Macbook Pro M1 Pro. Nothing special going on here other than trying it out and making sure its easy enough to use that I don't get slowed down making music with it.

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Take care out there!




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