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TC Helicon Go Guitar Pro - iRig HD2 killer?

Hello All,

There's a lot of competition in the mobile USB guitar interface world, and the IK Multimedia iRig has been the champ for some time.

Maybe it's time for a new champ?

Maybe the cost including the software and apps bundled with the Go Guitar Pro, far outweigh the expansion costs of Amplitube?

Let's dive in and see what TC Helicon has to offer and why it may be a great choice for guitarists and songwriters.

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Stay Safe!




If you know of anyone who plays an instrument and/or writes songs, tell them to contact me by email and I'll record their song for free.

Yup, FOR FREE. Limited to one song per artist/band (with booking of at least 2 songs - for new clients only). Sound pretty good? It helps us both. :)

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