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Sledding, Ice Fishing and Getting REAL Drums Sounds - EZ Drummer and Studio One v4!

Hey everybody!

I got a chance to do a couple things last weekend that I haven't been able to do all winter long, Sledding with the kids, and Ice Fishing! Now, I didn't catch anything all day, I had a few nibbles and a few minnows were taken from from my hook by a school of what I call 'Ninja fish'. (They were so smooth I didn't even barely notice them eating my bait)

Did I try catching a fish for an hour and get frustrated? No. I left that hook in the water for HOURS.

Why am I telling you this? Simple, sometimes you need to put yourself out there and leave your "hook" in the water before anything really great happens, like catching a fish!

What does this mean to us? We may not see success right away with our music, or mixing. But, if you keep at it, eventually you'll sink that hook and snag a fish, or many. We only need to keep at it, keep learning, and of course...Keep making music.

This video is a follow up to the last with EZ Drummer 2 and multiple outputs. It will render out those multiples to audio tracks allowing us to edit them without taxing our computer's hardware too much. It also allows us to manipulate the audio into a more REALISTIC sounding drum session.

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