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Recording E Drums with Midi and Studio One v4

Recording electronic drums at home will save you time in writing songs on your computer. It will also save the rest of your household the agony of listening to you play and record the same thing on a live set of drums. The beauty is you can do all this without any speakers connected. All anyone will here is the sticks hitting the pads!

Anyway, aside from the benefit of it being a quieter way to record, using Midi in your DAW will allow you to edit, correct, quantize and easily move pieces of your recording around until you're finally happy with it (like most musicians, that may be never, me included).

Watch the video, and if you think I could help someone you know record a song of theirs, do me a favor and send them my way. Just click the home page and click "Contact". They can email me and we'll figure out a time that works.

I'll even record a song for them FOR FREE!

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