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Program Realistic drums with EZ Drummer 2 and Mulitple Outputs

There are many software options for drums on the market. Many are new like GetGoodDrums, or X-Drummer from BIAS, but there have been a few that are known for being ahead of the curve and easy to use. One of them is by Toontrack called EZ Drummer 2.

It's the little brother of the full drum production suite called Superior Drummer 3 by Toontrack. Make no mistake though, EZ Drummer 2 is not only easy to use, but it can sound amazing! With all the customization options and midi kits you can add, it's easy to get realistic sounding drums in your home studio DAW.

One of the ways to make the drums sound even better and more human is to separate them into individual tracks in your DAW allowing you to add fx and plugins to the drums that need them. The video above shows how to do that.

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