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MIDI - What is it and Why you should care

You may already know what MIDI is and use it all the time. I have to admit when I started composing at home, MIDI was foreign to me and so was the concept of MIDI instruments.

I was using Sony Acid Pro 5 as my first DAW, along with Sony Sound Forge 10, and there was alot of talk about MIDI in Acid How to topics online. I didn't understand what it was at the time, or how it could help me compose my music. Now though, its my main starting point aside from strapping on a guitar and recording whatever pops in my head. It gets the creative juices flowing quickly, provided you don't get caught up in all the Loops you can edit. Eeesh.

This video goes over a brief intro to MIDI and connecting a couple of Instruments as well.

Keep making music and have an awesome weekend!!

Especially, thanks for being here!



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Software used and demo'd:

Studio One v4 (Professional) -


Presonus ATOM -

Presonus faderport 16 -

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