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In the beginning...

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Hey all, my name's Jesse, and I had this fantastic idea about a couple years ago. It was a way for me to keep doing music and avoid the thing I didn't like so much about making music. 'What don't you like about music?' you may ask.

Well, I have always had a case of stage fright when performing in front of people. To this day, it pains me to think about performing in front of others. I think its fear of rejection really, and the insecurity of my own playing ability. I know so many other people that are more talented than I and have always admired them for it. Not jealousy, but rather, respect for the craft.

2007 - Moose Jaw. Me on the right, hiding in plain sight

Some who have seen me perform over the years may have noticed that I usually play with a hat on, and I'm usually looking down or away from the crowd and if it wasn't noticed, I just gave away my trick. I was my way of placing myself in an alternate reality, where it was just me and the band playing, in front of an empty arena. 'Sound-checking' if you will. No pressure, no pointing fingers, no fear of hitting a wrong note, because, well...there's no one there to criticize the mistakes.

That takes us to what I, LOVE about music. The creation. The Journey. The art of making something out of nothing and forming it into a representation of your emotions at the time of writing it. For every song I write, I have an emotion I'm trying to put out there. I know I love the song when I can listen back to it, and it re-installs that emotional reaction into my brain, and it's the same each time I hear or play it. It's like an audible photo album to me. I remember the emotion, the first time I played it or wrote it, and where I was in life at the time of writing it. I hear many others have similar experiences with their love of music.

Back to my “fantastic” idea (sorry for the long side story there). Anyway, as I was saying, the idea was for me to start my own music studio at home. After discussing it with my wonderful wife, we had agreed that it would be what I was probably trying to do already but hadn’t realized it. My own studio would allow me to create music for me, as well as stay in the music industry by recording, mixing and producing other musical acts. This is my plan to keep doing what I LOVE about music, without having to always be confronted with what I dislike about music.

So now, here we all are. This post is a therapeutic way for me to keep my objectives clear and focused. Thank you for being here to read and, especially, for supporting my musical aspirations. Special thank you goes to my wife Jacquelyn for letting this take place in our home. It can get loud. 😊


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