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I'm not writing a Sci-Fi novel, just editing drums.

Good day everyone!

Last week we recorded a few drums using my Yamaha DTXplorer E-Drum kit. After I got it recorded through Midi (Multiple Instrument Digital Interface), I wanted to show how you can edit those Midi drums using some features that sound like they are straight out of a Star Trek show, Quantize, Humanize, Velocity.

Using these tool (which come in any DAW you use) will add even more REALISTIC drum tracks to your songs, making them sound like they were recorded by an actual drummer on a live kit. But they weren't...they were done by YOU. Well, unless you are a drummer for real...and used a real kit of course. 

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Keep making music!



Equipment used:

Studio One v4 (Artist) -

Studio One v4 (Professional) -

Yamaha DTX -

Alesis E-Drums (great alternative!) -

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