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How to Record your Guitars into iOS

Hello there,

This video we look at how to connect your guitars to your iPad or iPhone withiOS.

I show what I use to connect and record within Garageband and how we can quickly record a song with layered tracks into Garageband for recording your musical ideas.

There are a few ways to connect a guitar to an iPad, including using a lightning to USB adapter or an audio interface that connects to the iPad's lightning port.

You can also use apps like GarageBand or Amplitude to process the guitar's sound.

Hopefully this video inspires you to plug in and get those ideas built and saved quickly. :)

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If you know of anyone who plays an instrument and/or writes songs, tell them to contact me by email and I'll record their song for free.

Yup, FOR FREE. Limited to one song per artist/band (with booking of at least 2 songs - for new clients only). Sound pretty good? It helps us both. :)

Head over here to Dark Roast Recording and click the "Contact" button to email me.

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