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How to Record with iRig 2 and GarageBand on an iPad

There have been GREAT advances in technology worldwide. From the huge wireless phones we used to carry 20 years ago, to the way we consume music with streaming services. The best thing for you, is that it can be applied to recording music as well as hearing it!

If you want to record your guitar into your smartphone or laptop while traveling or a day at the problem. Mobile Recording has become very affordable and easy with the tools we have available to us.

This video helps us look at recording guitar into GarageBand using the IK Multimedia iRig 2 on an iPad. The software and concepts in this video also apply to an iPhone.

We demo it, listen and review the Pros and Cons of the iRig 2 to help you answer the question, should you buy it?

***Want to stay in tune while you're recording? Click here for a FREE PDF on how to change your guitar strings and stay in tune when recording***

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