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How I Get Great Sounding Drums Every Time

Let's not dismiss the fact that to get GREAT SOUNDING DRUMS right away, they need to be recorded properly. Well tuned, EQ'd and Compressed nicely. On top of that, they need to be played well. 

If you have tracks that don't fit into the "recorded well" criteria, then TRIGGER 2 PLATINUM by Steven Slate will get those drums sounding awesome.

In this video, we finish adding Trigger 2 to our Floor Tom track.

Full disclosure, I am not affiliated with Presonus or Slate Digital and I make no money from them to advertise their products. I just like them alot, and I know you will too. :)

Keep Making Music!


P.S. Also: If you know of anyone who plays an instrument and or writes songs, tell them to contact me by email and I'll record their song for free. Yup, FOR FREE. Limited to one song per artist/band. Sound pretty good? It helps us both. :) Head over here to Dark Roast Recording and click the "Contact" button to email me.

Software used and demo'd: Studio One v4 - Steven Slate Trigger 2 -

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