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Can we talk about BandLab FX? Let's demo

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

So, moved from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. Cool! You also make music any chance you get. Cool too. You decide to look for an alternative to GarageBand that you used all the time on your iPhone to get ideas down quick and easy. Let's face it, GarageBand is awesome, and it works great. It's not available for Android though. You search and finally find a couple DAWs, one of them is BandLab.

Let's talk about it. BandLab is probably the closest thing you'll get to a Garageband replacement on an Android device. Yeah, there's FL Studio as well (for $20). BandLab is free! It also works very well. I'm a fan and have used it for several recordings to get ideas down quick. Also, it's cross platform. You can save the project on one device, and open it on another be it Android, iOS, Mac or PC. Cool right?!

In this video, I demo out some of the FX and how to use them in a mix. It's very easy and very versatile. Give it a test drive for yourself by going to BandLab's main site and register a free account.

Thanks for being here, and have an awesome week!

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