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Build Your Home Studio for Under $250

There are SO many products you can buy to start your home studio and begin recording music fast! Many of those products recommended by the music industry will have you believe that your recordings will sound like garbage unless you 'buy this hardware' or 'Use these reference monitors' which could cost you upwards of $10,000 for all the hardware. And we haven't even started talking about 'Professional Room Acoustic Treatment' yet.

I say....BOLOGNE! Yup, just bologne.

You see, the music industry THRIVES on making our Home Studio owners (You) believe that they NEED the big PRO studios (them) to make a song "radio Professional". It's simply not true. There are many producers that mix and add instruments on their laptops using only software and headphones.

All you need to get recording music now!
Focusrite Solo Bundle

The thing is....YOU can start a home Studio right now for as little as $300 CAD, or $250 US. That's right. The video above will show you all you need to get making music right now!

Have a watch and let me know what Audio Interface you have that you love, and what was the first interface you had at home?

Thanks for being here, and keep making music!

The links to buy the Focusrite Solo Recording Bundle are below.


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